Bank Financing Assistance


PHVCC has in-house loan consultants that could cater Bank Financing assistance to our customers. As long as the client meets the requirement of the bank, we guarantee Fast Loan Approval. We are also tied up with various banks that offer Lot acquisition and House Construction loans with flexible terms and low interest rates. We can offer up to 0% cash out for our loan applications.

In case that you have your own bank, our loan consultant can coordinate with your bank representative to inquire about the requirements and we will try to expedite the process by providing them all the necessary documents needed on the on-set of the application. We opt to provide a hassle-free loan application.

Free Architectural Designs


PHVCC is known to clients because we do not only offer our services in managing their construction projects, but also we are committed in providing solutions to their architectural needs. During the initial meeting of our client and our technical team, we make sure to take note all the requests of the clients while providing them choices on how we could maximize their land area without prejudicing the architectural design of the house. We take in to consideration the lifestyle of the family so that we could offer them the perfect home design.

PHVCC is committed in bridging the gap between the client’s budgetary requirement and their desire to live in a comfortable and stylish home.

Free Building Permit Processing


We at PHVCC are devoted to offer our client a hassle & worry free processes during the construction of their house/buildings. We take care of all the building permit application starting from collating the requirements to the actual application up to the release of permits. Our clients will no longer need to go to their city’s engineering offices to apply because we know how time consuming that would be to our clients.
We also do processing of Construction Permits, Electric & Water Application for the various subdivisions where the prospect project is located. Minimal charges apply.



PHVCC offers one (1) year warranty service for the house construction. Terms & Conditions applies for the warranty.

Free Landscaping


Part of our House Construction Package, we offer free landscaping. We aim to deliver a house construction project that is not only comfortable to live in but also offers beauty in the eye of the by passers and the community.

Promotes Eco Houses


Harness the nature’s energy into your home. Experience delicious ‘kangen’ water created from Enagic’s innovative water technology. Not only do these devices filter your tap water, but they also produce ionized alkaline and acidic waters through electrolysis. These waters can be used for various purposes, including drinking, cooking, beauty, and cleaning.

Make use of the solar power to energize you home appliances with the help of Solar Panel Technology.

All of our house construction projects come with these 2 freebies!