• PHVCC converts raw land into construction ready housing or commercial subdivision. We introduce improvements to raw property such as providing concrete road networks, draining system and subdividing the property into smaller cuts so it could be easily disposed for selling

We provide feasibility study for the landowners to help them decide on the best scheme they can avail to maximize the use of their raw property. The improvements that we offer are based on the standard design practices, local planning process, and with the objective to increase the land value and profit margins of the landowner / developers.

PHVCC offers design and build house construction package. This package includes actual home designs based on the client’s requirements, processing of necessary permits; actual project management and budget control. We offer 1 year warranty to our services.

PHVCC has in-house technical experts who are very experienced in construction project management. We manage and oversee all construction activities that are covered on our work items. We have teams of audit personnel that monitor and record project expenses to ensure that the project is not going beyond the actual budget allocation. We provide status report from time to time and prepare all documents necessary upon turn over.  

-PHVCC also offers a variety of Land survey services. Some of the services are as follows:

  1. Topo Survey
  2. Relocation Survey
  3. Subdivision Survey

PHVCC has an in-house sales broker. We also cater in real estate services such as but not limited to acquiring properties for our clients or selling properties to the public. We have various inventories of properties up for sale.

  • PHVCC also offers complete house design & plans for various purposes, some of these are the following:
  1. Application of Building Permits
  2. Meralco/ Water Application
  3. Bank Loan Requirement (for House Construction Loans)
  4. Actual house construction
  • CAD & Rendering Services
  • Consultancy